Balaenoptera Musculus is the scientific name for the blue whale, which is what this RC boat is named after. The Balaenoptera Musculus radio controlled boat can even go as fast as the 200-ton mammal. The boat reaches speeds up to 25 miles per hour.

This RC boat has a runtime of up to 30 minutes, longer than any boat we reviewed. It has an operating range of 300 feet, so you will have no trouble covering large bodies of water. The boat has dual propellers and dual motors and handles nicely. You will be able to make tight turns with ease. The boat is fast and responds quickly to the transmitter.

This boat looks great in the water and it comes with a display stand so you can showcase it after your runs. It is made of a thick, brightly colored plastic that can handle a beating. If you crash into the side of your pool, the boat generally won't crack. You can choose from two colors: blue or yellow.

The Balaenoptera Musculus RC boat comes with a rechargeable battery that takes just two hours to charge. Unfortunately, the boat doesn't come with the eight AA batteries which are needed to power the included transmitter, so you'll have to purchase those separately. It does come with extra propellers, which is convenient if you accidentally crack one or get it caught in vegetation.

This boat is great for children because Syma, the boat's manufacturer, incorporated a safety feature that prevents the motors and propellers from activating if the boat isn't in water.

You get a 30-day warranty with the boat, so you know if anything goes wrong you are covered. The radio controlled boat also has an instruction manual included with it. Online there are several customer reviews, and you can watch videos on the boat in operation on the web, as well.

Balaenoptera Musculus Summary:

The Balaenoptera Musculus remote control boat is a good radio controlled boat. It has the specs to appeal to both beginners and RC boating enthusiasts, particularly it long battery life and large range. It is not ready to run right out the box because it doesn’t include batteries for the transmitter. Regardless, it is a solid choice for an RC boat.


Balaenoptera Musculus

The boat has an incredibly long runtime of a half-hour.

The transmitter needs eight AA batteries, and they are not included.

The Verdict:

With a long runtime and large range, the Balaenoptera Musculus is an affordable choice for children or RC hobbyists.