Radio Ranger Review

PROS / The boat has a 20-minute run time.

CONS / The Radio Ranger takes several hours to charge.

VERDICT / The Radio Ranger is fast, has a long run time and is quite durable. This remote control boat is unique in the sense that it has a built-in fishing pole.

RC Fishing World has an interesting take on the remote control boat. Its Radio Ranger RC looks and performs like the average boat. It zooms through the water and makes quick turns. However, the boat has a unique feature that lets you attach a fishing pole to the boat's backside. Not only can you have fun driving the boat, you might even catch a fish while you’re at it.

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The Radio Ranger remote control boat is the largest boat we tested, which makes it slightly difficult to travel with, since it takes up so much seat or floor space in your vehicle. The boat is almost 3 feet long, 8 inches wide and 4 inches tall. It's made of a thick, but light plastic. Despite its size, this RC boat only weighs a little more than 1 pound. When we tested it, the radio had fallen off the underside of the hull and some wires were loose. In order to get it up and running, we reconnected the wires and re-affixed the transmitter to the underside of the hull with some tape. This wasn't a huge problem, but the set up wasn't ideal. Also, the screws were loose for the boat's back wing, causing it to detach from the boat frequently.

  1. The maximum speed of the boat measured in miles per hour.
    Higher is Better
  2. 4 Radio Ranger
    18 Miles Per Hour
  3. 25 Miles Per Hour
  4. 20 Miles Per Hour
  5. 20 Miles Per Hour
  6. Category Average
    17.92 Miles Per Hour

This boat is capable of reaching speeds up to 20 mph, which is quite fast given the boat's size. It features dual propellers and motors, which help thrust the boat forward. It has a nifty variable speed setting, which allows you to adjust your speed, giving you enough precision not to stir up the water that might otherwise cause your potential catch to swim away. This setting also helps you "park" the boat and drag the line to the best spot for making a catch.

The boat's custom fishing pole attaches to the hull. It's flexible, about a foot long and is made of a bright yellow plastic. You just feed a fishing line through a small hole at the top of the pole. The pole is capable of catching fish weighing up to 5 pounds. If you prefer to catch bigger fish, you can use a regular fishing pole. With this method, you use the RC boat to drive your line out into the water rather than cast it. A Velcro pad is attached to your line and the pole, then when something bites, either you or the fish pull on the line to release it from your boat.

All the supplies and accessories you need to hit the water are included. Besides the pole, you also get a battery for both the boat and the included transmitter. There is even a plastic display stand that you can set the boat on after you finish your runs. RC Fishing World even threw in a bobber, some fishing line and stickers to help customize the look and feel of your boat.

One drawback for this boat, though, is how long it takes to charge the battery: five hours. This is because the battery is bigger than other boats. In fact, it lasts for 20 minutes, the longest of any boat we tested. This remote control boat also has a wireless range of 350 feet, which gives you plenty of room to catch a fish. Unfortunately, when we tested the boat, we came up empty handed. The motor is also quite loud when accelerating which could be a factor.

The Radio Ranger boat comes with a two-year warranty, the longest of any RC boats we reviewed. RC Fishing World offers telephone support and sells replacement parts along with higher-capacity batteries. You can watch videos on the manufacturer's website, and there is also a FAQs page.


Overall, the Radio Ranger is one of the best boats available. It includes all the parts and accessories required. Despite its large size, this boat is still fast. Plus, you can catch some fish all while having some recreational fun.

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